Yoni Temple Stewardship: Clearing and Dedicating Your Sacred Space

There are many different styles of pelvic floor work that achieve different purposes, ranging from exploring orgasm and pleasure, restoring trust after trauma, and releasing spasms that cause a variety of chronic discomfort symptoms. While any of the above may happen through your engaging with these instructions, these teachings intend to bring awareness and information, and an opportunity for the releasing of our own stored emotions and those of others taken on through sexual, emotional, and creative contact and merging. The Yoni is an extremely receptive space. Sometimes this sacred ritual space ends up being used as a storage space or incubator for the agendas and dreams of others. With Yoni Temple Stewardship, we explore a variety of modalities of clearing our system and reclaiming conscious use of this sacred space. Recieving these teachings in Yoni Temple Stewardship can dramatically shift the way we experience embodiment, openning the temple within and opening our eyes to a deeper understanding of our bodies as instruments of extremely subtle communication with nature and the cosmos.

Previous classes or session work with Erin is recomended prior to booking this session to better assess your intentions for recieving this work.



Pleiadian Friendship Ceremony: Woven Together in Shared Purpose


This is a personal ceremony for those who have a deep instictual knowing that there is so very much more to friendhsip than what has been modelled for us. It is for those who sense that friendhsip can be a portal into Great Mystery and are both a yes to opening that door and opening to recieve insight into the divine purpose under which you have been brought together. Pleidian Friendship ceremonies activate a deep remembering, and allow us to step further into concious alignment with the shared purpose that guides what is allowed to flow into the sacred container that is your relationship. Pleidian Friendship Ceremony may also be helpful as a ritual acknowledgement for those celebrating milestones in a friendship, or for those who feel a sense of shared purpose, but through our human inperfection or haste, have woven karmic knots they feel unequipped to untangle themselves.