Medicine mandala:

a green magic apprenticeship


•Music• movement• Plant Medicine• Food Alchemy•

•Sisterhood• GODDESS StudIES• 


SAMHAIN-November 3,4,5,6 • 2018

IMOLC-February 2,3,4,5 • 2019

BELTAINE-May 4,5,6,7 • 2019

LUGNASADH-August 3,4,5,6 • 2019

Please note that our current apprenticeship is now full. Please feel free to browse through our curriculum and sign up for our mailing list if you would like to be among the first to know when we begin accepting applications for our group that begins in November 2018.




Join Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman of Active Culture Family and Bridge Temple at Elder Farm in Descanso, CA (San Diego County) for a year long plant spirit medicine apprenticeship and green witch initiatory intensive in which we will gather monthly online as well as in person once per season to celebrate the 4 Cross Quarter Earth Celebrations and dive deeply into the mysteries of a path of service and devotion.

This program has been conceived as an intimate opportunity for a small group of devoted practitioners to support each other in making an evolutionary leap toward radical embodiment of truth and service to the sacred. Together we will embark on a healing journey through the chakras and the wheel of the year with sacred plant medicines and Goddesses from around the world as our teachers and guides. Our cross cultural curriculum aims to help us to identify the underlying commonalities of the path of the Yogini/ Green Witch/ Priestess (devotee of Nature/Goddess) and deepen our understanding of this archetypal configuration and role in the cosmic order as it has evolved throughout time. Our study aims to nurture an appreciation and respect for the beauty and variety found in different living traditions of earth while assisting us in uncovering our own roots and our own most authentic pathway into the mystery.




• Daily Classroom Time with Erin Rivera Merriman and various guest teachers 

• Lunar Rythms Sacred Dance Practice with Centehua Sage, with live musical medicine provided by Kerem Brule.

• 3 Meals per day of ancestral foods, nourishing herbal infusions, medicinal elixirs.

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• Seasonally themed ritual for personal and planetary healing

• Study of Elemental Magic and Goddess Worship traditions from around the world that strengthen the intuition and facilitate direct, unmediated access to the wisdom of the natural world and the heavenly host of benevolent beings that surround us and support us on our journey.


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