Motherpeace Immersion Retreat with Vicki Noble


The Motherpeace Tarot cards were co-created in the late 1970s as a feminist re-visioning of tarot and esoteric science. Designed by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel, the contemporary Motherpeace images were self-published in 1981 and have attained worldwide distribution since then. The round feminist cards function as a shared symbolic language among women (and some men) in various countries around the world, regardless of diverse languages, cultures, and borders.


Embedded within the symbolic language of Motherpeace are the paradigms of matriarchal and ethnic studies, shamanism, yoga, and paganism, as well as the core principles of western occult and esoteric studies. The Motherpeace images contain, in a fresh stylized form resembling "folk art," reproductions of artifacts, images, and knowledge from the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, history, and art.


  This workshop for women is designed for participants to learn the symbols and meanings of the images contained in the tarot cards, and to be able to effectively use them as a feminist divinatory tool—but in a sacred, friendly, and playful format without arcane language or concepts. As a seasoned workshop leader Vicki intuitively incorporates ceremony, rituals and chanting, offering embodied experiences alongside the esoteric wisdom of the tarot. 

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About Vicki Noble

[Photo by Irene Young]

[Photo by Irene Young]

Vicki Noble is a feminist artist, writer, scholar, and wisdom teacher. Her work is eclectic and complex—a mix of profound knowledge and practices, beginning with feminism as a path to enlightenment, and then building on that foundation through Buddhism, tantra, shamanism, bodywork, and other forms of spiritual understanding and natural medicine. Informed by four decades of scholarly investigation and grounded in daily practice, her teaching is original and experiential. The female lineage from which she draws is a holistic underground stream that runs from the most ancient times when women were the unquestioned spiritual leaders and teachers at the center of our human communities, and the “language of the Goddess” was a shared one. Her research focus is on tracing this lineage back through time and across continents to its origins in deep antiquity, and to revision the role of women as central to shamanism and tantric practice in all of AfroEurAsia for at least ten millennia. (Read her full Bio Here)



Location and Accommodations


Location: The Motherpeace Immersion will be held at Elder Farm, a private homestead located in the mountains of Descanso, CA. Elder Farm is a 1 hour drive from San Diego International Airport.


Our Temple: The pillars of our temple are the oak groves. The roof of our temple is the sky. The floor of our temple is none other than the living body of Gaia. Weather permitting we will have classes and ceremonies in the most sacred of spaces created by the most inspired of architects, mother nature. And when temperatures become unpredictable, we take sanctuary in our cozy indoor classroom and temple space.

Accommodations: We will be enjoying camping accommodations. Participants are responsible for their own camping arrangements and we ask that you come prepared for all weather possibilities. More information will be provided upon registration. Guests are asked to arrive on the land at 3 pm on Friday to set up camp and plan to depart after dinner sunday. Participants may elect to camp for 1 additional evening if needed for an additional fee.

Meals: Three gluten-free, organic meals will be served per day. We will have vegetarian options but as a small operation, cannot accommodate any other special diets. For those with special dietary needs, please email us to discuss possibilities for accommodating your own needs during our time together.



Dinner 5:00-7 pm, class 7:30-9 pm 


Breakfast 8 am, class 9:30-12:30 pm , Lunch 1-3pm, class  3-6 pm, Dinner 6:30pm, class 8-10 pm 


Breakfast 8-9 am, class 9:30-12:30 pm, Lunch 1-3pm, class  3-6 pm, Dinner 7pm

The Cost of the retreat includes: 

• Classes with Vicki Noble

• 3 meals per day served at our rustic outdoor dining area

• Camping under the stars, dry toilets and enclosed outdoor hot showers

• Integrative Movement Practice

Retreat Cost

Early Bird Registration $650* for full payments received before March 1st 2019

Payments received after March 1st $750*

Payments received after April 1st $850*

Does not include airfare. A limited amount of space is available.

* There are a few sliding scale tickets and scholarships available for women of color. Please click here to apply.