I caught wind of this podcast while listening to mythic medicine. At a time when I feel like I am shedding layers of skin, vulnerable and alone in my culture, my social circles and my family, this podcast, specifically the episode with Laura Veleda Vesta, came at a cosmically perfect time. I had my first learning interaction with magic this weekend past, and to hear this episode at this time was so right. Just the medicine I needed to make the crazy feel normal, to feel at home in my psyche and at peace with my extremely perceptive being. Thank you thank you thank you. I look forward to many hours of listening, learning and accepting. 💜 

the vibrant feminine

Thank you so much for this work. I started listening to your podcast for the first time right before a very difficult, transitory time in my life, and it was such potent medicine for me. Your words, concepts, even sometimes the tone of your voice strike me in such a vibratory and healing way, it's complete magic! Thank you again, your integrity and healing magic is a pleasure and honour to behold. Beccy xx 


I am so completely in love with these beautiful podcasts. They continue to be a constant source of wisdom and empowerment. Every episode gives me something new to think about and provides knowledge which I can recognise as a divine truth within myself. They have truely helped me to manage my own intense energy and power, which in the past has always overwhelmed me. Thank you Erin for providing this incredible source of wisdom, may it reach far and wide as it has reached and helped me. Love and light, Grace. 


These podcasts calm me to my natural vibration. They make it easier to breathe. They clear my mind. As I learn from the conversations I become increasingly aware of both the limitations of my understanding as well as the potential vastness of my experience. Does that make sense? It's pretty magical. But really--my first point is the most important to me, that the wisdom and questioning in these podcasts seem to neutralize and balance my world and as a result, they help me make more sense of who I am and what my place in that world is. So much gratitude. 


A little obsessed with these podcasts right now. I wait on the next episode hand and foot. It's such a breath of fresh air. These are the conversations I want to be having ALL THE TIME. It feels like Erin personally asks me, "what do you need to hear to further your personal progression and evolution?" But she doesn't ask, it's intuition. So thank you, Erin, for being so in tune, open, and allowing the wisdoms of the universe to free flow through you. You and the women you interview are so full of power, knowledge, and LIGHT! You work is GOLD and you are so appreciated for it 🙏🏼