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Women's New Moon Kava Ceremony at The BE Hive in Los Angeles, CA

Looking to deepen your commitment to aligning your life with the rhythms of the natural world? The support and accountability of regularly sharing earth based ritual with likeminded community is a beautiful way of symbolically communicating your intention to the helper spirits that surround us so that your reality can become an experience that is co-created with the entirety of the natural world and you may feel yourself to be held and supported in the web of life.

Join ceremonialist Erin Rivera Merriman as she brings a series of monthly new moon gatherings to The BE Hive to share kava as a 3000 year old tool for creating and sustaining healthy, diverse communities bonded together in a sense of shared values and deep spiritual purpose.

Open to all who identify as women. Kava will be served via vapor inhalation. Registration for this offering constitutes a legally binding agreement that you are not currently pregnant, nursing, drinking alcohol or taking prescription anti-depressant or anti-convulsant medications. Pregnant or nursing women who wish to sit and participate in the vibration of ceremony without ingesting the kava are of course welcomed.