Some Spells to Inspire You on Your Journey with Kava


You may find yourself feeling relaxed and calm, quite naturally expressing your best self.

You may surprise yourself by saying the perfect thing at the perfect moment that permanently alters the course of your life for the better.

Evolutionary Relating Awaits!

Relationship/ Community Maintenance is rewarding and fun!


Increased blood flow to the genitals upon arousal can really help us recognize the difference between disassociation and embodiment.

Micro boundary adjustments can be just as powerful as complex, effort based battle strategies, and tend to be less expensive, taking less of a toll on our hearts, endocrine systems, and communities.


If the next step in your life looks scary, take a half or quarter step first and see how that changes the view.


Your body is a cozy, safe, interesting place to be.


There is an entire prism of possible solutions to any challenge, prism of sentient energies surrounding you with eager anticipation of winning your attention and sincere consideration. What if your deepest heartfelt prayer had already been answered, and you just haven't noticed yet, expecting or even demanding it to arrive in another form? What if today was the day you began to see more clearly, trust more deeply, the underlying benevolent intelligence and perfection of your journey?

About the plant

Kava, also known as Piper Methysticum, is a tropical evergreen shrub that grows in the Pacific Islands. The dried roots of the Kava plant are traditionally placed in a cloth bag and massaged in cold water to create a strong tea that continues to hold a central place in many cultures throughout the Pacific.

It is thought to have originated on the island of Vanuatu and spread throughout the pacific, most notably to Fiji, Pompeii, and Hawaii. In addition to it's continued value in it's countries of origin it is also recognized at as a common herb that is legally consumed in the United States and many other parts of the world.

Kava Hawthorn Ticture

kava 2.jpg

Yogini Cave is name and intention we have given our newest addition to our family of Kava medicines. Yogini Cave is a Kava Hawthorn Cinnamon tincture that contains vodka as menstruum/extracting agent. Traditionally Kava is enjoyed in the evening as an end-of-day coming home to center.

Suggestions for Enjoying this Medicine

• Create an intention or write down a question you may have in your heart.

• Schedule/ Carve out 1-3 days to sit quietly with this medicine for 15 minutes or more in the evening each day in the spirit of intentional withdrawing/ retreating from the surface of your realm to tend to your depths.

• Create a warm nest where you will be undisturbed.

• Shake dropper bottle vigorously to evenly distribute the medicine before each session. Enjoy one to three dropper’s full of Yogini Cave Kava Tincture in a little water.

Kava opens your subtle systems providing visibility, awareness, and gentle recalibration. You may wish to journal, meditate, or engage in self massage or a ritual bath following enjoying this medicine.

Counter Indications:

Please note that pregnant and breastfeeding women should abstain from Kava.

This medicine was created to support you in taking time to create a warm quiet place in with to go within, listen deeply, and enjoy your own company. Since Kava can be relaxing, it may be tempting to try working with this medicine reduce stress in public settings. We strongly discourage this approach with this blend. We further do not recommend working with Kava while outside in nature in the fall and winter seasons, or when using spa, sauna, or other modalities that may effect blood pressure and involve extreme temperature fluctuations. Kava will naturally bring your blood flow and conscious awareness into the core of your being, into the Yogini’s cave of the heart, womb or prostate, where subtle yet powerful magic is always percolating just below the surface of our conscious awareness. In the above described less-than-ideal settings, this movement of energy may result in cold, tingling or numbness in the extremities or mild feelings of irritability.

Vaporizable Kava concentrate

Through a series of synchronistic events, we were brought into alliance with a small local group of artisan woodworkers called Magic-Flight. Best known for their much loved handheld vaporizers, they have also locally crafted a one of a kind Kava concentrate to be used in combination with their other products. The Kava sourced for this unique form of kava has been fairly traded and sustainably harvested by expert Hawaiian Kava farmers. The mature roots are then extracted locally in a small local lab, using technology which is primarily used for creating legal medical Marijuana concentrates.

 It is not uncommon for people in traditional Kava cultures to consume upwards of 2000 mg of kava per day for many years on end. Part of what makes our Kava concentrate  so unique is that for the first time, people are able to enjoy Kava via vapor inhalation.  Consuming Kava in pill or tea form requires an amount of between 70 and 200 mg per cup, most of which is lost to the digestive system's processes.  Vaporization allows for the full therapeutic effect to be felt immediately, at microscopic doses (around 9 mg.) This makes it significantly safer, more efficient way to enjoy the many benefits of Kava.


"I really enjoyed the earthy taste and feeling of relaxation and well-being I experience after having Kava Concentrate. I have tried Kava tea before, and found I had to wait a half an hour or more to feel any effect. I felt the effects of this concentrate right away. I am especially enjoying how Kava allows me to be more present and available for friends and family, allowing me to approach the present moment in a less goal oriented, more exploratory way. It does not seem to impart any unusual or new personality traits, just a feeling of clarity and acceptance of things being good enough just as they are.” ~Mara, 41, San Diego, CA

Limited Edition Kava Ganache




Kava Concentrate

Unsweetened Cacao

Local Wildflower Honey

Organic Ghee



Directions: Stir 1-2 level teaspoons of Kava Genache into your favorite warm, caffeine free tea and drink all at once. Jar contains 6-12 servings. Genache will settle to the bottom of your tea cup if allowed to cool. Kava has a robust, earthy flavor and may cause mild tingling of the lips and tongue. This is a normal part of the Kava experience. Like most herbal preparations, Kava is ever so slightly dehydrating, and it is best to follow up with a full glass of water within two hours.

If you have made a donation and received this item through the mail (as opposed to in person)Thanks so much for your support from a distance! There is a good chance it may experience temperature fluctuations that cause it to melt and reconstitute in the mailing process. If that happens, you will want to warm the jar just enough to melt and stir it well to re-destribute the medicine evenly and keep the dosage accurate, stirring it a few times as it cools to prevent having all of the kava settle to the bottom. 


Intant Kava Powder, Vanuatu Origin




Serving Size:

1 tablespoon.

Each jar contains 15 servings. 




Directions: Wisk 1 level tablespoon into six ounces of cold water or combine Kava and water in a small mason jar and shake vigorously. You may wish to massage with your fingers to break up any lumps. Once all powder is incorporated, drink all at once. It may take up to 30 minutes to feel the relaxing effects of Kava. This can be a nice time to meditate, journal, or enjoy other contemplative activities.