About Kava Concentrate


"I really enjoyed the earthy taste and feeling of relaxation and well-being I experience after having Kava Concentrate. I have tried Kava tea before, and found I had to wait a half an hour or more to feel any effect. I felt the effects of this concentrate right away. I am especially enjoying how Kava allows me to be more present and available for friends and family, allowing me to approach the present moment in a less goal oriented, more exploratory way. It does not seem to impart any unusual or new personality traits, just a feeling of clarity and acceptance of things being good enough just as they are.”


About the plant


Kava, also known as Piper Methysticum, is a tropical evergreen shrub that grows in the Pacific Islands. The dried roots of the Kava plant are traditionally placed in a cloth bag and massaged in cold water to create a strong tea that continues to hold a central place in many cultures throughout the Pacific.

It is thought to have originated on the island of Vanuatu and spread throughout the pacific, most notably to Fiji, Pompeii, and Hawaii. In addition to it's continued value in it's countries of origin,  it is also recognized as a common herb that is legally consumed in the United States and many other parts of the world




About Vaporizable Kava


Through a series of synchronistic events, we were brought into alliance with a small local group of artisan  woodworkers called Magic-Flight. Best known for their much loved handheld vaporizers, they have also locally crafted a one of a kind Kava Concentrate to be used in combination with their other products. The kava sourced for this unique form of kava has been fairly traded and sustainably harvested by expert Hawaiian Kava farmers. The mature roots are then extracted locally in a small local lab, using technology which is primarily used for creating legal medical marijuana concentrates.

 It is not uncommon for people in traditional Kava Cultures to consume upwards of 2500 mg of kava per day for many years on end. Part of what makes our Kava concentrate  so unique is that for the first time, people are able to enjoy Kava via vapor inhalation.  Consuming Kava in pill or tea form requires an amount of between 70 and 200 mg per cup, most of which is lost to the digestive system's processes.  Vaporization allows for the full therapeutic effect to be felt immediately, at microscopic doses (around 9 mg.) This makes it significantly safer, more efficient way to enjoy the many benefits of Kava.







Get Your Own Kava Vaporization Kit Today


This locally made handheld concentrate vaporizer features a user-replaceable screen design that vaporizes concentrates in as little as three seconds. It is battery operated, allowing you more than fifty uses on a single charge. It also features a brushed-brass lid, an optical-grade glass lens, and an easy to clean brass bowl-insert. Due to the high heat produced by this vaporizer, a 1.5 ft. black, silicone draw whip with brass ends is included to help cool the vapor stream before inhalation.