Core Visions

An Interview with Master Theta Teacher and Practitioner Alexis Davis


Location:: Heart of NorthPark inside The LightHouse Salon

Occupation::  Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner and ThetaHealer, ThetaHealing Instructor 

Aspirations :: To stay current, not in style but in truth  

Favorite books::  Entangled Minds, Power vs Force, Holographic Universe

What is your favorite thing about what you do?  That sessions can still surprise me.  Each person is so beautifully and vividly different in their own particulars that my interest and love for people has consistently gotten bigger. 

Is Theta Healing Magic? If magic can be defined by what looks to be unexplainable phenomenon, yes :) there is so much of Theta that can be understood and learned but there is always this mysterious element of communion with the ineffable unknown that lends it self to the experience of magic. 

What was your first experience of Theta Healing? Was it love at first sight, or more of a gradual seduction? My first of experience of ThetaHealing was extraordinary. To have another person so accurately and beautifully describe an internal experience and memory without a word from me (and so quickly!)  felt like a breathe of fresh air.  When I took my first workshop it was like life finally took on all of the colors and dimensions that I'd only ever experienced in a dream state.  

Your sessions involve a fair amount of channeling. What kind of self care practices help you sustain such a full schedule of focused energy work? I can't over state the value of drinking enough water, spending enough time outside and getting enough physical TLC (massage work, acupuncture, yoga).  Also having friends in a similar field has been infinitely helpful in feeling part of a broader community of healers, takes all the pressure off when I realize I can choose to only work with people that its a good fit on both sides. 

Are you an active dreamer?  I love my dream-time...most of my dreams manifest as either patch-work images that stitch together to form broader messages and narratives or conversations with beings that are just beyond my visual comprehension.  Some of the best conversations of my life have happened while I've been asleep. 

On your website, you mention enjoying the stripped down, raw essence of people and things. It seems like your practice working one on one with clients would give you a front row seat of what people on the leading edge of evolution/ expansion/ whatever you want to call it are working with. So right now, in November of 2015, what’s it all about? Is there a theme emerging for what the collective is currently exploring/ grappling with? I think there is this incredible refining process going on for people right now when it comes to healing and ideas around getting bigger, braver, more in tune.  We are slowly and collectively moving away from the traditional therapeutic models that have required us to stay in painful or dense energy as a way of seeking relief.  I think our ability over-all to be creative in our personal narratives, in the way we are mapping our realities is lending it self to quicker and quicker upshifts.   Our process time is getting shorter before we can re-invent, we used to release for the relief of suffering, which is absolutely still happening but releasing the old to regain our life force, our creative potential, with the purpose not just of being "healed" but of being alive and awake and activated seems to be a bigger calling for people. The don't want to just stop feeling depressed or angry or whatever, they want to feel fucking great.

What are some things that have inspired you on your path? For books, The IChing, Entangled Minds, Power vs Force, Journey of Souls, Symphony of the Brain. For people, Ram Das, Paramahansa Yogananda, Anthony DeMello, Esther Hicks... 

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Alexis will be joining us in the temple on November 19TH for ELEMENTS OF MAGIC, PART 3: INTRO TO THETA HEALING AND NLP, an evening of teaching and sharing about the power of words and how we use them.


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