Life Support for Witches Who Mean Business

Intuitive Business Mentorship


Build your queendom outside the matrix! You have upshifted your vibration, claimed your gifts, and are now feeling ready to start sharing them with the world, on your own terms. These sessions weave all parts of your being together into a sustainable professional offering that is clear and easy for others to participate in. 

In addition to helping clarify your vision, we offer a full range of professional services, including website design and admin, logos, creative copy writing, editing, structural assessment, social media marketing training, and product development. We love the opportunity to offer the Witches, Priestesses, Medicine Women, Dakinis, Community Builders, Medicine Makers, and bodyworkers  of our community intuitive brand consulting services, for that extra edge that only design that is in total alignment with your souls mission can give you! It is our distinct pleasure to assist you in crafting a structure through which you are able to more readily share your creative offering with the world.


We have been honored to get to contribute in ways small and large to the following magical businesses:



Check out some of our favorite trans-dimensional mycelial networks (websites) that we have built below.