Healing journeys with YAYA Erin





as you JOURNEY into the

deeper mysteries of EMBODIMENT



Karma Clearing Series


Kava Sadhana



Are you living from the most authentic place possible? Do you meet each day with courage, vulnerability and presence, knowing that there are structures in place that support you in sharing wisdom with others as you move through the world? Do you feel at home in your body, fully expressed, and living a life that reflects the most contemporary version of you?

We have many levels to our being. It is in the subconcious mind and body that the traumas of our existence are stored. This is also where our deepest beauty lies. Our deepest beauty is our essence, our medicine- the true gift we have to share with the world. It takes time, intention, and courage to allow the shrouds to fall away and bring loving attention to the depths of our being in order to release all that we are carrying that obscures our sense of divine purpose.  

Yaya Erin is of Taino and Irish descent. From a long line of seers, mediums, and care givers,  intuitive sessions with Yaya Erin are an alchemical blend of modalities that weave together her background as a Herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition with her ongoing studies in classical Shakta Tantra to support people in living life on their own terms.  These sessions offer plant medicine assisted, sex positive, guided journeys designed to create space for you to embrace all aspects of who you are, enabling you to give birth to a more integrated, authentic version of yourself. Now is the time to dream a bigger dream and be supported in making that dream a reality. The process looks different for each person. Read on to learn more about pathways to responsible, creative, liberated embodiment.

please note that we are no longer accepting new one-on-one session work. If you feel strongly guided to work together, please send us an email introducing yourself and  your intentions and we will add you to a list to be contacted in the event of cancellations or other schedule openings. In the mean time please explore our free content such as our blog and podcast, or dive in to the full year long apprenticeship that includes retreats, one-on-one and group support for 12 months. 


"Wow, I am still processing all of the shifts and expansions that occurred while working with Erin during her Karma Clearing process. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up, but now standing at the other side, it truly feels as though she led me through a wildly transformative portal.

I came into the process with a big ole’ messy bag of past-traumas, worn-out beliefs, and self-judgements/shames that I knew were holding me back, but I just couldn’t seem to shake, (even after many years of “doing the work”). Erin was able to help me step out of this murky mess that had been bogging me down, and assist me in getting clear visibility into the bigger picture of my soul’s journey. From this place, I was able to dig deep into some new layers of shadow work, and also shift my relationship to numerous old beliefs and constructs that had been no longer serving me.

My weeks working with Erin were full of breakthroughs and clearings. It was like my normal spiritual work that I’d typically worked through at a slow and steady pace, leapt forward going full throttle. Since some of the stuff was pretty tough to look at, and work though, it felt really good to have Erin there holding a supportive container and checking in during our weekly meetings. In our meetings she continuously offered deeply illuminating reflections, new tools to assist me on my journey, heartfelt encouragement, refreshing humor, and compassionate presence. By the way, her homework assignments were not really even homework, but more like Magical Missions. 

In the end Erin also imparted me with new tools and wisdoms to assist me in tending to my own energy system, and karma clearing, moving forward. I know I’m going to be integrating the depths of our work together, and that all these new exciting expansions and insights will be unfolding for many moons to come!"

~Rhiannon, 37, San Francisco, CA

"I got quite a lot out of my time working with Erin. I would recommend the karma clearing process to anyone who has their interest piqued by it; there is a lot there to transform, transmute, and empower. The combination of the use of plant allies and an array of karma clearing practices was undeniably powerful, and I moved one particular boulder that had been lodged in the same spot for 24 years. I am still witnessing the ripple effects of my time in karma clearing. In just a few weeks, I moved some big sources of shame, fear, and stagnation, as well as had the opportunity to tune into what else shifted around me in doing so. The practices of observation and heightened awareness of what was coming into my field at the time shed a lot of light on my inner life. I experienced moments of deep and dark challenge, as well as moments of elation and wild courageousness.  Erin's wisdom and encouragement was a major boon in taking those steps. Erin has many talents and I think that one which most spoke to me was her blending a variety of esoteric knowledges to form an action-oriented medicine that is applicable to the present. Her presence also empowered me to acknowledge how much I already know on my own, and that I can be creative in how I alchemize that knowledge, and that may be the most invaluable thing to come away with of all." ~ Emily, 35, San Diego CA


I have felt some definitive shifts since being introduced to Yaya’s teachings.  I feel like I now have more resources to go to when I am feeling lost.  Just the nourishment protocols alone help tremendously and I can feel the difference when I follow them…  All of the wisdom that is being introduced to us is exactly what I am yearning for.  It’s perfect!"  -Myah