Partial Work Trade Scholarship


The work trade scholarship option is now closed for the 2017 apprenticeship. We gave away 6 partial scholarships! If you feel called to participate but cannot at this time due to financial reasons, please connect with us during the year in our other offerings and sign up for our mailing list to be among the first to learn when scholarship applications open for next years group.


Bridge Temple acknowledges the importance of Solidarity and Allyship work, and desires that any woman seeking in sincerity have access to authentic pathways to empowerment . Offering a variety of scholarships is just one of the ways we endeavor to open the space for all walks of life to share an experience of the underlying commonality that transcends family of origin, economic circumstance, and other differences of life experience. We are a very small organization with no outside funding, and so at this time these small gestures are what we can offer sustainably. Please know that as we grow we hope to be able to offer more full scholarships and community outreach. Thank you for believing in us as we strive to create a temple/mystery school that honors the great diversity and uniqueness among those hearing the call of spirit in these times. We are currently offering subsidized tuition for the following categories :

  • Farmer (With expertise in Livestock, Agriculture, Permaculture, Biodynamic Farming, etc.)
  • Women of Color
  • First Nations
  • Elder/Crone
  • Maiden (18-26)


To Apply:


1) Click below to fill out an application (Be sure to save your essay on your desktop for ease of completing step 3)

2) Choose one of the following 3 images to post on Instagram.

3) Caption your post with a brief paragraph excerpt from your application essay about what it would mean to you to be given the opportunity to attend this intimate, in-depth experience at a reduced rate. 

4) Please be sure to incorporate the following text in your post or add it to the bottom of your caption to ensure your entry is counted:

@activeculturefamily 's #medicinemandalaapprenticeship (a Green Magic Initiatory Intensive) Scholarship Program is now accepting applications, for more info visit under the apprenticeship tab to explore the full year long plant spirit medicine curriculum , photo by @lesliesatterfield