Paola Garcia

Cacao Medicine Woman


About Paola: Paola was born in Bogota, Colombia, where she created The Eterno Sol Yoga & Mindfulness program. She shares the tools and practices of Yoga Asanas & Mindfulness Meditation that she has been practicing and teaching for the last 16 years. Since 2011 she walks her path with her beloved Gustavo Ik, and together they regularly work with Cacao as a super food, as medicine for their bodies, hearts and minds, sharing it in rituals and ceremonies around the world. 


About the Offering: Paola will be sharing a series of Cacoa Ceremonies and mindfulness practices during Mandala 2.

" Cacao is a gift to be shared. In a ceremony we have the opportunity to connect with ourselves and with others , to open our hearts, to tenderly embrace our suffering and our joy. Cacoa supports us as a great companion in the process of inner transformation and healing. Whatever your path, the Cacoa will invite you to breathe consciously, to listen and connect with the wisdom already available in you. The ceremonial intake of cocoa is a powerful meditation of Love, which strengthens and awakens us to a deeper relationship with our inner being , with others, with the planet and with everything around us.
Let us share the spirit of unity together from the heart, and in complete harmonious resonance, we will enjoy the connection with our divine being to experience and express the inner sun, wisdom and unconditional love. This meeting of souls invites us to re-connect with beauty, sweetness, compassion, creativity and love for ourselves, so that from there we can relate and serve others."  


Learn More about Paola and her partner Gustavo's path with Cacao Here.