Food Sadhana



We want you to know deep in your bones what it feels like to be nourished and provided for, and so We are going to feed you like you have never been fed before.

Many mystics and seekers ask themselves after years of wild experiences, "Yeah, but what's the point?" We have found meaning, purpose and happiness in the pursuit of serving Goddess by embodying Her. We have found that in many shamanic traditions the practitioners die young, the energies they work with exact a great toll on the body. Inspired by Director Erin Rivera Merriman's personal healing journey, our Food Sadhana aims to enculturate an evolutionary approach to the role of Healer/Priestess/Practitioner, and we will have no martyrs for the Goddess on our team. Goddess desires that we be well and serve in joy, and on the level we desire to play on, radical self care and commitment to nourishing yourself and providing for your own very specific needs as a Priestess/Practitioner is of primary importance. Being in right relationship to our food then becomes our primary practice. More than just providing our Priestess/Practitioners with nourishing meals, we are passionate about sharing our best practices in the kitchen that create the solid foundation on which our local mystical community rests. ln addition to receiving 3 meals a day of locally sourced ancestral foods prepared on site by lead kitchen witch Centehua Sage, we will have daily mini lessons on the medicinal properties of each meal and how they relate to the seasons, Goddesses, themes, and other energies of each in person training module. More than nourishing our bodies we will heal and evolve our relationship to food and bring it into the realm of magical practice, alchemy, and Food Sadhana (committed daily practice that creates the support/foundation for your spiritual life.) Some may simply enjoy the exquisite amount of care, creativity and love we have woven into the menu. Others through our time together may find their path in the Tantra of Food (Food as a pathway to Liberation complete unto itself.) In all cases, we promise a special opportunity to look deeply at and evolve our relationship to nourishment over the course of our time together.


SAMPLE MENU For Module 2



Friday Dinner:

Bone Broth Medicine

Lemon Fennel Salad With Kefir Dressings

Vegetable Tian

Pork Burgers With Fermented Peach Chutney

Coconut Butter Bread

Spiced Cacao Truffles

Tulsi Damiana, Vanilla Infusion


Food is medicine as well as spiritual nourishment. This meal is inspired by the Anahata chakra, the radiant loving compassion that fuels what we do and how we do it. Our pastured chicken bone broth is infused with Astragalus and Reishi mushroom and sourced locally from our friends at Primal Pastures. Astragalus is an adaptogen herb that helps reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) thus calming the nervous system. Reishi has anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulating and blood pressure balancing compounds, promoting a healthy heart and regulating hormones. The nutritional alchemy in this broth facilitates a relaxed sense of well being, as we tune into the grounding qualities of animal fats and center in our hearts with the aid of our plant and fungi allies. Balancing animal fats and proteins with the textures and colors of our summer vegetables. Damiana infusion takes us deeper into our senses centering around our womb, activating the sacral chakra, creativity and sensual intelligence. 



Meat: (Pork for Burgers) Raised with love by Connor Jones from Ojai Permaculture- East End Eden.(Click Here to learn more about our lifelong exploration of the complex, important subject of what constitutes ethical animal consumption and right relationship to food)

Vegetables: Grown by lead kitchen witch Centehua Sage and the team at Passiflora Farms in Escondido.

Cacao: (for heart warming truffles) Grown and processed by a matriarchal community in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Herbs: (Tulsi+Damiana) Mountain Rose Herbs 

Saturday Breakfast:

Bone Broth Medicine

Summer Squash Frittata With Lacto-Fermented Cilantro Salsa

Feel Good Macaroons Infused With Maca And Mucuna Pruriens

Raspberry Leaf Mint Infusion


Rise and shine with the medicine of broth, local pastured eggs from Eben-Haezer poultry ranch and sweet adaptogen treats.  First things first, happy belly and happy brain- Mucuna Pruriens is the dopamine bean, promoting endurance and bolstering libido and in combination with the Maca root we can easily connect and balance the sacral chakra- Svadhisthana which is concerned with fertility, creativity, sexual health and sensual expression.

Mid Morning Elixir:

 Golden Hemp Milk: Anti-Inflammatory, essential fats, digestive aid and balances blood sugar levels. Gentle fire and clarity of mind.


Saturday Lunch:

Bone Broth Medicine

Wild Salmon Cakes With Lemon Pesto And Arugula

Ginger Carrots And Cultured Cream With Mallow Flowers

Goat Milk Rose Honey Frozen Treats

Slippery Elm Sage Infusion


Honoring mother Oceania in deep gratitude for our Salmon allies, they provide essential omega 3 fatty acids and heart healthy niacin and B vitamins as well as bone building vitamin D. Sustainably sourced by Wild Planet Foods. Poll and troll fishing has been rated the most sustainable catch method by a consensus of eco-organizations including The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, Greenpeace and Fishwise.

This meal gives us a good foundation and support for physical movement and a clearing of the throat chakra. The Vissudha Chakra is concerned with authentic expression. Slippery Elm and Mallow have a mucilaginous quality that helps balance digestive fires by coating the gut flora and is wonderfully soothing for the throat, thus enabling the release of our voice and honest sharing of our truth and unique song.

Mid Day Elixir:

 Cacao Damiana Maca Rose Warming focusing in the heart space, energizing and activating the respiratory system and the sacral center for liberated sensual expression and dance

Saturday Dinner:

Bone Broth Medicine

Marinated Kale Salad With Sprouted Seeds

Moroccan Chicken Stew

Mashed Cauliflower With Ghee

Rose Cardamom Kefir And Strawberry Chia pudding

Rosemary Calendula infusion


Seducing the senses with colors and textures. This meal is an alchemical dance between fire and water. Balancing the cooling aspects of summer greens and sprouted seeds with the activating exotic fires of Moroccan spices like ginger root, paprika, turmeric, coriander, nutmeg and fenugreek. Food can be a sacred journey that engages our full awareness for a deepening of presence and a state of gratitude. This journey is driven by our sense of taste and alchemized through the blood system to activate mind body soul. Our culinary journey ends this evening with a sweet and cooling dessert designed to aid digestion and culture our desire for beauty.


Evening Elixir:

 Passiflora Mugwort Ashwagandha Chamomile for a restful night and lucid dream state.

Sunday Breakfast:

Bone Broth Medicine

Bacon And Herb Scramble

Carrot Cake With Cultured Cream

Slippery Elm Licorice Vanilla Marshmallow Root Infusion


Holistic nutrition means you get to have your cake and eat it too. Self love and pleasure with abundantly rich foods like pastured cultured cream by Organic Pastures Dairy and Heritage bacon provided by Casitas Valley Farms.

Plant infusion is designed to clear the throat for spacious vocal expression and song.

Sunday Lunch:

Bone Broth Celery Root And Mushroom Soup

Thai Chicken Salad

Duck Fat Zucchini Fritters

Adaptogen Seed Balls

Hibiscus Rooibos Infusion


Comforting soup and a refreshing salad with a little kick. Chicken was lovingly raised by our friends at Ojai Permaculture- East End Eden. Adaptogen Seed balls are delicious energy boosting treats with hormone regulating herbs such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Maca. This meal contains Sacral Chakra activating herbs and spices and also essential fatty acids which promote a healthy heart center.

Mid Day Elixir:

Rose Schisandra Berry Dandelion  This beauty tonic promotes radiant skin and is soothing to the liver and nervous system. Infused with Ashwagandha Lucuma and gelatin, supporting joints and hormones. Inspired by divine feminine principles of beauty and self care, devoted to the Goddess in all.

Sunday Dinner:

Bone Broth Medicine

Cabbage And Sausage Stew

Caribbean Chow Salad WIth Mango Kefir Dressing

Summer Berry Tart

Calendula Infusion


Hearty robust stew provides ample heart medicine and grounding balanced by the tart sweetness of a textured salad and calming infusion. Sealing this evening with the delicious seducing sweetness of a wild berry tart.

Evening Elixir:

White Chocolate Lavender Velvety divine warmth and relaxation, infused with Blue Lotus Tincture for a deep restful sleep.

Monday Breakfast:

Bone Broth Medicine

Poached Eggs With Fresh Heirloom Tomato And Avocado

Chai Spiced Raw Cookies

Rosemary Fennel Lemon Balm Infusion


Our final breakfast together is infused with the warmth of Ayurvedic spices and essential fats, helping us feel supported and grounded. Rosemary and fennel awaken the confidence of the heart and lemon balm makes a wonderful throat tonic that is also deeply relaxing. May we speak truthfully as we create the world around us and within us. May our creative expressions be guided and rooted in love. Deep gratitude for the sacred land that feeds and nurtures us. Blessings!

 About Lead kitchen witch

Centehua Sage

 Centehua is a movement alchemist, a farmer, herbalist and postpartum doula. She is inspired by the rhythms in nature and their connection to women's cycles. Born and raised in Mexico City, daughter of a performing artist and a writer, Centehua's early impressions were filled with music, dance and the vibrant flavours of the culture.  Centehua was deeply influenced by her nanny, an indigenous woman who cooked for the family and practiced herbalism. Motherhood deepened Centehua's journey towards healing arts and connection to the Earth. She resides with her partner and daughter on a farm in San Diego, CA, where she is learning how to create a regenerative lifestyle that is honoring to the land and the people.  As a postpartum doula, Centehua focuses on nutrition and the role of plant medicines to assist the healing process. She has explored various culinary disciplines drawing inspiration from raw foods to Ayurvedic alchemy.  Guided by the seasons, she carefully crafts menus that respect the land and farmers. Centehua feels that feeding people is a great privilege, not only for health reasons but as an opportunity to help everyone connect to the environment through earth's medicines. 

Centehua is the creator of Lunar Rhythm, a women's sacred dance circle that meets twice each month. She also caters retreats throughout Southern California and hosts garden and cooking classes.