August 3,4,5 • 2018


Shonagh Home

Celtic Lore, Mushroom Magic, and The Path of the Melissa Priestess

Erin Rivera-Merriman


Centehua Sage

Movement Practice and Food-As-Medicine

Kerem Brule

Live Ceremonial Music

Core Concepts and Medicines


Culmination, Celebration, Initiation


We will gather together for our 5th and final module, where we will have an opportunity to peer at all we have learned through yet another lense/ cosmology, with an introduction to Celtic Mythological lore offered by Shonagh Home. Shonagh will stay on to co-facilitate our initiation ritual where we will have opportunity to reflect deeply on our journey together and be witnessed in our commitments and vows if desired. On our final day together we will end with sweetness with an introduction to Bee medicine and the path of the Melissa Priestess and blessings for different pathways forward.

We will build upon our Reishi Sadhana home study by looking at the healing properties of the Fungi kingdom and Mushrooms as intelligences bearing specific tools for thriving in these times where we are asked to synthesize and integrate so much. Centehua Sage weaves edible mushrooms into our Food-As-Medicine practice while Author and Spirit Medicine Practitioner Shonagh Home shares about Bee Medicine and stories from her path of healing with medicinal mushrooms.