Kava Temple and talisman Making in the Redwoods

In this years Kava Temple at Spirit Weavers Gathering, we created Ojo de Dios talismans to ground our Kava meditation experience and emerging intentions in the act of creating a physical object that can serve as energetic shorthand and reminder of what was made clear within our time together. To make things with your hands from a prayerful frame of mind engages more of the senses and more parts of our brains simultaneously, anchoring our experiences more deeply in our being. 

Although most well known on the west coast as expressions of Native Mexican spiritual culture, these God’s Eye forms where chosen as the focal point for our intentions because they have simultaneously arisen as expressions of spirit in many different cultures around the globe. Our classes attract highly mixed groups of women from many different parts of the world and ancestral backgrounds, all of which are welcomed. Both Kava and community ask us to look for the common thread that unites us across perceived differences. God’s Eye forms are just one such common thread. 


For thousands of years, Kava has been used as a means of coming together as a group to discuss topics of shared interest to the community. Over the course of the last year, I have received so much conflicting, and not necessarily helpful advice around the need to maintain many layers of boundaries and protection. I had taken everyones advice and had ended up with a totally impenetrable fortress around me, from within which intimacy with others was not possible. I was lonely and exhausted, and needed to find a better way. I initially hoped to find different ways to feel safe, but ultimately realized that safety is never guaranteed. I have come full circle back to my early Buddhist days of understanding that the need is not to find what could make me feel safe, but to become really spacious and comfortable with the reality of life’s uncertainty, while also allowing myself to use my words to navigate towards my personal preferences when possible. 

And so I invited 15 women to join me in a discussion the concept of spiritual protection, and what that word means and evokes in us. Although it is essentially a neutral word, even the concept can evoke a defensive stance, which constellates the same in others. Although maintaining the integrity of our personal energetic container is essential, for me, the best shield I have found is mindful awareness in the present moment. I feel most safe when I am relaxed but curious, attentive, and aware.


Together we chose colors intuitively to conjure a relaxed awareness of weather or not we where aligned with our intentions in a moment to moment way, and we wove our Ojos together in community, to be worn and enjoyed throughout the year as a reminder of the sisterhood and belonging that we experienced when cradled in the arms of our temporary redwood cathedral home. Thank you all for showing up, for bringing your breath and hearts, your presence and your prayers. It is an honor to hold space for us all to put our puzzle pieces on the table and help each other understand what role our individual experiences play in the creation of the big, beautiful picture that is this moment on planet earth!

When Unicorns and Dragons Collide

                                                                                           Jane Anne prepares the readings room with prayers and plants from our garden

                                                                                           Jane Anne prepares the readings room with prayers and plants from our garden

When our dear friend Jane Anne Thomas began getting requests to take her Animal Totem Readings on the road, I knew right away that I wanted our temple space to be the first stop on her tour. Thank you to our local San Diego community for welcoming Jane Anne and receiving her unique gifts with such enthusiasm! It is a joy and an honor to see people committing to deepening their self awareness and showing up to receive guidance and support for their journeys.

Totem Tour with Jane Anne Thomas of House of The Standing Moon

We are so excited to announce that on Sunday, November 23rd, we will be hosting a San Diego appearance from Los Angeles Based Seer Jane Anne Thomas! Jane Anne will be offering private 1 hour Animal Totem Readings by appointment only.

About the readings:

"An Animal Totem Reading is a personal ceremony in which you are invited to drop into a receptive state before being expertly guided into direct communication with your own soul. 3 Animal Wisdom cards will be used to stimulate a dialogue where channelled messages can come through as necessary to illuminate the deeper meaning of each animal’s presence in your life.  Once acknowledged, we are better equipped to work with instead of against our own energy for ease of navigation through the joys and challenges of life. Channelled messages may take the form of personal visual symbols that can be worked with in meditation, revealing their importance slowly over time."

About Jane Anne:

Jane Anne Thomas is a Los Angeles based Artist, Seer, and Kundalini Yoga teacher engaging a blended path of Celtic, Native American, & Yogic traditions with a deep connection to plant and animal medicine. 

A shamanic apprentice of the Dineh Beauty Way Path, Jane Anne has been holding Ceremonial Animal Totem Readings for clients from Brazil to Hawaii since 2007. In 2014 she founded House of the Standing Moon, a collective dedicated to bridging the Beauty and Wisdom of the Natural world with the awakening human world. She regularly offers traveling Totem Tours and immersive healing collaborations under the banner Creature Being.

She is also working actor, designer, and writer with a background in art history, photography, & classical ballet.  

You can follow her dialogue with the intersection of plant, animal, mineral, & human intelligence as a regular contributor & collaborator with Tidal MagazineMercado SagradoSpirit Weavers Gathering, and Heavy Nettle Collective.


 Spaces are extremely limited-email us if you have any questions or would like to book a spot! 



Photos by Heather Culp