Los Angeles Kava temple: sacred Sexuality 

Friday, September 30th, at The Be Hive, Los Angeles, CA 6-10pm (women and couples (of all genders) only)

Kava Temple is a place where we experientially explore Kava and its ability to facilitate healthy communities by gently guiding us into healing conversations. This ceremonial conversation will center around the important role that our sexual energy plays in our spiritual awakening process. In our time together, Erin Rivera Merriman will share the magic of Kava and it's ability to help us navigate more easily towards personal truth while holding sacred space where all parts of you are welcome. 

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Forest Oracle Readings

Saturday, October 8th, at Elder Farm, Descanso, CA 11:30 am-4:30 pm (4 one-hour private sessions available)

In a Forest Oracle Reading, we meet on a blanket in the golden grass to set down our small stories and open a bridge between the dimensions. You will receive channelled messages from your highest self, and a wide variety of benevolent beings from ancestors to elemental, plant, and animal spirits and more. Receive timely, timeless information to assist you in remembering your true nature and meeting current life circumstances with courage and confidence. Each session is different and tailored to the particular questions and needs of the individual.

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Quarterly Women's Full Moon Gathering

Sunday, October 16th, at Elder Farm, Descanso, CA 5-8PM

For the past year and a half, we have been gathering at Bridge Temple as women of the priestess path to share our hearts and plant seeds for our own awakening in the deep soil of our being under the nourishing darkness of the new moon. We have been in a period of collective incubation. We have been growing something beautiful together, a new way of being. And so now we have been guided to shift the focus and invite our sisterhood to come together in a different way, to share our fullness as celebration by the light of the Full Moon, in the open air, immersed in  the elements. The Bridge Temple + Elder Farm Quarterly Full Moon gathering will be held on the first full moon of each new season.

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Yoni temple stewardship (2 part live online course)

Thursday, November 10th,  6 pm-9 pm PST  +  Thursday November 17th, 6pm-9pm PST

This 2 part live interactive online  workshop is an introduction to philosophies and practices designed to enable you to shed all that is in the way of your  experiencing the honor of being sacred stewardship of your Yoni temple, and to enable you to experience the positive shifts that occur in our world when we are living from womb centered consciousness.
We will discuss: herbs that nourish and tone the female reproductive system, Jade Egg practice, the practical and esoteric benefits of Yoni Steaming, Shamanic journey to speak directly with the consciousness that dwells in the Yoni, and much more.

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