Centehua Sage

Movement Alchemist, Farmer, Herbalist and Postpartum Doula


About Centehua: Born and raised in Mexico City,  Centehua's early impressions were filled with music, dance and the vibrant flavors of the culture.  She currently lives on a farm and works as a postpartum doula, focusing on nutrition and the role of plant medicines in assisting the healing process. She has explored various culinary disciplines. Guided by the seasons, she carefully crafts menus that respect the land and farmers.  

Centehua is also the creator of Lunar Rhythm, a women's sacred dance circle that meets twice each month in San Diego, CA.

About the Offering: Centehua will be offering her Lunar Rhythm sacred dance practice as a support to our integration of what we are learning throughout the year at each of our in person gatherings. In addition, Centehua is also our Lead Kitchen Witch, creating inspired menu's to help us connect more deeply with the seasons and themes of each in person training. 



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