Centehua SAGE

Name: Centehua Sage

Occupation:  Dancer, Doula, Space Holder, creator of Lunar Rhythm

Location:  San Diego, CA

Astrological Sign: Leo sun, Aries rising, Pisces moon. 

Favorite albums to move to: Layne Redmond - Invoking the Muse,  Forss- Ecclesia

Where do you come from and why have you chosen to be here on planet earth in these times? 

I was born in Mexico. I am here to dance, to remember how to move gracefully with earth and to inspire my children to protect and dance with her too. 

When I experienced your movement practice, I found that through your choice of music and skillful direction of energy within the ritual, I was both more willing and more able to access and release really deep places of stuck emotions. Tell us about your Lunar Rhythm practice and how it evolved? 

Lunar Rhythm is a tool to embody all aspects of the feminine and give her an authentic expression. It evolved from my former dance background, my love for movement and my yoga practice. It continues to grow as I too dive deeper into this embodiment. Movement is organic, it is real, the body never lies. Dance can be a portal towards liberation, releasing projections, judgements and patterns. I am inspired by the elements, ancestral dance rituals, the cycles of the moon and our connection to it all.

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