Amara Dreamer


About Amara: For the last eleven years Amara has immersed herself in earth-based wisdom traditions from North and South America, undergoing rites of passage, sitting in ceremonies, and studying with elders. During her journey, Amara has learned songs from various traditions and languages, including English, Spanish, Quechua, Portuguese, Sanskrit, and Lakota. Life has also blessed her with the gift of receiving sacred songs. This way of channeling songs is an ancient, heart-centered practice that she hopes to share with all who would be wish to receive.

Dedicated to empowering young people and adults through a holistic model of nature-based education,  Amara founded Wildheart Nature School in 2011 with her partner Rainbow Dreamer. 

About the Offering: Amara will be teaching Rattlemaking & Medicine Song, and Facilitating the Bridging Heaven and Earth Healing Ceremony during Mandala 4.

In the Bridging Heaven and Earth Healing Ceremony we will be working with a powerful Spirit from the Andes to guide us in a harmonizing multidimensional journey. We will raise the vibration of our mind/body/spirit complexes and allow the wisdom of our higher selves to shine through. In the sacred space of this ceremony we will have a tremendous opportunity to let go of old patterns, receive cosmic nourishment, and experience profound states of consciousness. In being brave enough to step outside of the comfort zone of our egos, the universe often opens up to reveal its mysteries. Our intention will be to navigate this sacred journey with humility, courage, and receptiveness. 

The foundation of the ritual is in the creation of the Mesa, or sacred altar, which will guide and protect us during the journey. The flow of the ceremony includes group focused time as well as unstructured personal exploration. There will be freedom to wander in nature, connect with others, and follow one’s own intuitive guidance. Toward the end of the ceremony, we will channel our healing abilities in a safe container and each receive energetic doctoring. Finally, we will explore integration tools so that we can continue to bridge heaven and earth on a daily basis. The ceremonial insights and visions will inform our path of personal growth, lift our spirits, and nourish our bodies.


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