About Erin


              Photos by Leslie Satterfield

              Photos by Leslie Satterfield

Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman is a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner specializing in sacred plant medicines for communication and relationship. A Devotee, Artist, and Mother, Erin was raised on a 100 acre Christmas tree farm in rural Connecticut, where she was taught from a young age the importance of living in harmony with the natural world.  Believing strongly in the necessity of hybrid medicine to meet the unique challenges of modern life, Erin is engaged in the continued study of Plant Medicine, Active Dreaming, and Goddess Traditions from around the world as gateways into the richness of direct personal experience of uncurated reality.

Erin offers multidimensional, plant medicine assisted, sex positive healing experiences designed to help you integrate all that you have encountered on your souls journey and come to live from a place of deep understanding of the way that each of your experiences has contributed to the uniqueness and potency of your personal spirit medicine. Now is the time to tell a truer story of who you are, to dream a bigger dream and be supported in making that dream a reality. Erin’s study as an Herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition, combined with her training as a Zen hospice and prison chaplain, and recent studies in Kaula, Sri Vidya, and Shakta Tantra have given her a unique ability to accompany you through life’s turning points as an ally on your journey toward responsible, sustainable, creative liberated embodiment.

She has studied with a wide range of contemporary teachers, including Garifuna Elder Arzu Mountain SpiritSusun S. Weed, Shonagh Home and Trudi Jhinpu Hirsch, and is honored to be with you as midwife at the edge of your comfort zone, as you conceive, incubate, and give birth to a more authentic version of yourself.

She has shown her sculptures, jewelry and other metal art in hundreds of New York City, New Mexico, and California boutiques and galleries,  taught art to Brooklyn teens, volunteered as an Interfaith Chaplain in maximum security New York City prison, led monthly women's Moon Lodge and organized retreats with indigenous teachers since 2007. When not working with her annual group of apprentices, she can be found working on the next episode of her podcast Starseed Survival Guide, making medicine music, and co-creating community with the Spirit Weavers Gathering and Elder Farm.

At the heart of Erin's offering is a deep devotion to the green realm and an abiding belief in the power of heart centered, liberated creativity and communication to create and share a beneficial healing culture based on stewardship, celebration, and service to the sacred.


About Active Culture Family


1. a community of beneficial intestinal bacteria that work cooperatively to produce systemic wellness.

2. a mycelial network of sacred humans devoted to exploring the relationship between plant medicine practice, creativity, communication, intimacy, regeneration, evolution and liberation.


Active Culture Family is a mycelial network of sacred humans who we feel to be embodying useful paradigms for how to remain spiritually intact in the material world. In addition to our online community, we come together physically in San Diego, CA for seasonal celebrations, as well as both practical and esoteric skill sharing events, workshops, and ceremonies at Bridge Temple, a contemporary interfaith temple space.

Through collaborations, classes, visiting teacher workshops, and private sessions, we are dedicated to liberating our collective creativity from unsustainable habits and placing it in service of generating inspired solutions for ourselves and our communities.

ACF exists as an extension of our podcast “Star Seed Survival Guide.” It represents a continued deepening of our commitment to providing access to a variety of authentic tools for moving from merely surviving on planet earth to truly thriving.



Organisations we support



We support those who tend and feed the earth. We stand for Life, Nature and respect for the feminine way. Here are some folks we have encountered on our journey, who's work in the world inspires us to reach, to try, to evolve and really live our values ever day, in every choice, in every conversation, in every purchase. We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to ensuring that these important earth guardians and agents of change are supported in their work which benefits us all.